APPS INCLUDED IN Complete Transport ERP

Booking Management

Create builty, transparent billing and receipt seamlessly

  • Order linked booking and delivery with multiple trans-shipment points.
  • Customized billing format as your requirements. Transporter’s balance payment and customer’s billing linked with POD.
  • Payments and Receipts integrated with accounting system Load finder
  • Create your trust circle. Participate in reverse auction to get new business

Fleet Management

Manage fleet, tyres, expenses, trip job sheets and more all at one place, fully integrated for you

  • Capture diesel and cash transaction data at run time while making the trip at the same time using our all new REO App. Seamless data flow to the admin. Full control and no slippage.
  • Add and remove tyres from inventory. Intuitively fit and remove them from your vehicle. Manage stock with only a few clicks.
  • Do not miss on expiry dates of any of your documents. All at one place with timely notifications for you to never have to pay the penalty again.

Transport Accounting Module

All booking and fleet management data fully integrated with accounting module. Auto-updation of ledgers.

  • Seamlessly Integrated with Booking & Fleet Softwares
  • Vouchers Bulk Upload - Save Time like never before!
  • Ledgers, Balance Sheet and Reports!

Transport Consultancy

Still have troubles? Let us help you with your business. With years of experience in transportation and technology we are fully equipped to do more with less.

  • Real time flow of funds management
  • Asset performance reports
  • 30-40% reduction in operation losses
  • Multiple reports enabling wider analysis spectrum
  • Auto recommending actions to be taken
  • Boosting resource planning and growth