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Real Time Trip & Transaction

  • Create trips and capture transactions instantly
  • Real time monitoring
  • Seamless data flow, zero leaks

Vehicle Tracking System

Know vehicle position and status in real time.

  • Reports for you to analyze and assess
  • Vehicle position and movement in real time
  • Know ignition status, speed and more in real time

Load Finder

Find new and multiply existing business. Make your trust circles, find loads, participate in reverse auctions.

  • Make your trust circles to do fraud-proof business. Edit and update at your convenience.
  • Find new business. Grow existing one. Find authentic loads.
  • Participate in reverse auctions. 100% transparent and authentic

Diesel Order Management

Handshake between pump and transporter. Fuel requesting and filling made 100% transparent and instantaneous. Zero leaks.

  • Transporter sends filling request in real time. Instant alert when processed by pump
  • Pump receives diesel filling request in real time. Instant alerts.
  • Process request and raise invoice with a single click. Complete transparency
  • Connect to new transporters. Multiplying and easy sales.