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Stay pre-informed about upcoming maintenance

Health of an asset in this case your vehicle stays at highest priority for us. To manage an ever growing fleet with all the operations and uncertainties we understand can become overwhelming at times. Let us take care of that.
Stay completely reliant on our Alert Management System. It will keep you informed way ahead of time about the maintenance deadlines so that you can take action way before any kind of breakdown that might happen. Cost of breakdown is way more than cost of maintenance. Let us help you save on that.

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Better Efficiency

Maintenance adds up to the life of the vehicle. Keep it in good health taking action way ahead of time. Alerts let you take action before it is actually needed. That helps in avoiding breakdowns. Avoiding breakdowns will increase efficiency, ensure timely delivery thus strengthening customer trust.


KM and time based alerts so that you don’t ever miss on maintenance deadlines. Alerts are sent way beforehand so that you can plan maintenance timings better. Avoid all mismanagement, completely reliable notifications.


Reports to understand

  • Cost of maintenance
  • Truck, vendor, route based efficiencies
  • Slice and dice data to make better nosiness decisions