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Real Time Trip Creation

  • Create trips and capture transactions instantly
  • Real time monitoring
  • Seamless data flow, zero leaks

Tyre Management

  • Drag and drop tyres across trucks at your convenience
  • Running efficiency and costing reports
  • Mistake-proof stock keeping


  • Never have to bear the cost of misses on maintenance of your vehicle
  • Enabling you to act in time super efficiently.
  • Timely alerts enabling cost save

Trip Management

  • Deeply automated and integrated
  • Manage trip wise route, freights, receipts, diesel, cash and expenses at one place
  • Automatic trip wise and overall driver balance

Document Management

  • Never have to pay the penalty again
  • All truck-bio at one place, with timely alerts to prevent expiry.
  • Completely accessible from anywhere

Diesel order management

  • Handshake between pump and transporter
  • Fuel requesting and filling made 100% transparent and instantaneous
  • Seamless data flow, zero leaks.